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Xiangtan Xiang Da centrifuge Co., Ltd.
Xiangtan Xiang Da centrifuge Co., Ltd. has a history of centrifuge design and production for more than twenty years. At present, it has developed into a centrifuge professional manufacturing enterprise with a large scale and strong R & D capability and comprehensive processing capability. Located in the hometown of Mao Zedong, the great man, Hunan, Xiangjiang, Xiangtan, has an elegant environment and convenient transportation.
company mainly produces two series of single stage double stage piston push centrifuge and horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge. The two stage piston push centrifuge is in the leading level in the separation of hot crystalline materials such as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium pyrosulphate and so on, and many patent technologies have been obtained. Horizontal spiral discharge settling centrifuge and horizontal spiral filter centrifuge are continuous and automatic centrifuges, which can carry out continuous and automatic feeding, separation, washing, dehydration and unloading of the suspension at full speed. It plays a great role in sewage treatment, energy saving and emission reduction。
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